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Greetings from Silverton,

Together, with the emergence of D5/D6 as reported in the May 22 Update, along with the subsequent sunny and warm weather that followed, the snowpack at SASP has quickly melted to where dust layers D2-D6 are now merged at the surface.

Precipitation, much of it in the form of snow, fell on Thursday and Friday (May 26-27) at Senator Beck.  The snow surface saw an albedo “reset” with D2-D6 being covered with ~2.5” of snow, temporarily slowing the rate of melt of the snowpack (see picture below).  This new snow accumulation is longer lasting at higher, alpine snowcover, elevations and less long-lasting at lower elevation snowcover.  At SASP this new snow has since ablated leaving D2-D6 fully exposed on the surface.  

Looking ahead, the forecast calls for a high pressure gradually building with temperatures rising throughout the week and by the end of the week will average about 10° above normal.  Conditions are also looking to be dry through next weekend.  Please see 7-day precipitation forecast below.

More Soon,

Jeff Derry