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Greetings from Silverton,

Dust event #6 was deposited as a wet event with the storm system arriving April 25-26 at Senator Beck Basin.  It is an extremely faint event and was deposited with 2" of snow.  This 2" band of snow is beneath ~2" of "clean" snow accumulated over the last few days.  I did not attach any pictures showing D6 since it does not come across very noticeably.  We have been working on Storm #20 here at SBB since Monday, April 25.  The storm systems have been stacked on top of each other allowing no break in precipitation greater than 12 hours, which would define the end of a storm.  For our purposes, a storm is defined as at least 12mm (0.47") of precipitation with no break greater than 12 hours.       

Fortunately, much of the dust source area, in and around the Southern Colorado Plateau, has received some precipitation over the last few days (from Trace amounts in Winslow, AZ to ~0.33" in the Bluff, UT area) and the forecast calls for a chance of showers over the next 3 days.  The majority of USGS dust camera images show trace snow and overcast/foggy conditions as of the morning of Friday, April 29.  Hopefully enough precipitation has fallen to keep dust from mobilizing should these active storm tracks and winds speeds conspire to create another potential dust event.  

The April CODOS Summary for the Grizzly Peak (Loveland Pass) and Berthoud Pass locations is posted and available at the CODOS website.

More Soon,

Jeff Derry